Christoph Sokol

Christoph Sokol estudió el Título Superior en Diseño de Transporte.

Student projects

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    Project: Seat Mergo
    Design SEAT proposed the challenge to design new transportation services for… More Info

Other Projects

  • Project: The Embrace
    Design The Embrace pretende emular con su diseño y función la… More Info
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    Project: Public Menu
    Visual Public Menu is a magazine that explores the relationship between… More Info
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    Project: Feat
    Visual FEAT, which refers to the concept of collaboration, is the… More Info
    Design MAGMA is a merger of two racing vehicles: a sports… More Info
  • false
    Project: Lamborghini ETHEREAL
    Design ETHEREAL is a vehicle made up of two parts: an… More Info
  • Project: Lamborghini ERA
    Design ERA is an electric one-seater car that combines engines and… More Info

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