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Board of Excellence

The recognition of IED Barcelona is demonstrated by the talent of the schools’ alumni, who are done successful projects and currently work for major agencies, studios or companies all over the world.


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    Andra Simona Handaric
    She works at Gareth Pugh. She was the finalist in the… More Info +
  • Angela María Pardo
    Angela María Pardo was born in Cali, Colombia, where started… More Info +
  • Armin Kreiner Norkūnas
    He studied the Masters in Design Management in 2013. He… More Info +
  • Arnar Ingi
    He woks and lives in Japan. He participated in the realization… More Info +
  • Caroline Huetinger
    Born in Germany, she’s currently working as a Designer. During the… More Info +
  • Charmelle Taute
    Charmelle Taute was born in South Africa and studied Interior… More Info +
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    Christian Villacañas Camps
    Christian Villacañas es ilustrador, diseñador y artista multidisciplinar de Sitges… More Info +
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    Christina Scharny
    She studied the CSP en Diseño de Moda Infantil. She is… More Info +
  • Claudia Morera
    She works at Mango Kids. She was finalist in the 35th Edition… More Info +
  • Daniela Johansson
    Daniela Johansson was born in Sweden, is editor of blogs,… More Info +
  • Ellionor Linqvist
    Ellionor Linqvist studied the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at… More Info +
  • Estefania Blondet
    Estefania Blondet works as a graphic designer in TBWA. She… More Info +
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    Federica Bordigato
    Federica Bordigato was born in Italy and works as a… More Info +
  • Francisco García Hernández
    Francisco García was born in Venezuela and works as a… More Info +
  • Giulia Scaduto
    Scaduto Giulia was born in Sicily, Italy, and studied Communication… More Info +
  • Ismael Abedín
    Ismael Abedín is a Design and Sustainability Consultant in China that works… More Info +
  • Iván Córdoba Pérez
    Ivan is an awarded visual artist and filmmaker living in… More Info +
  • Jan Dimitri Schuepbach
    Jan Dimitri Schuepbach was born in Switzerland and works as… More Info +
  • Laia Escuder
    Laia Escuder Valero was production assistant of IED internal events during… More Info +
  • Laura Hueto Puig
    She is blogger of LauraH and Faery. She also collaborates… More Info +
  • Leyre Garatea
    She is currently living and working in Ireland. Born in Pamplona,… More Info +
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    Marc Treserra
    He works at MCI Group as a web and graphic… More Info +
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    Maria Alejandra Guerra
    She was born in Colombia and studied at the University… More Info +
  • María Paula Muñoz
    María Paula Muñoz, born in Colombia, works at Battagliotti Bros. She participated in… More Info +
  • Teresa Ribas
    Maria Teresa Ribas
    After a year of a professional internship as an Academic… More Info +
  • Mariella Castañeda
    She studied the Título Superior en Diseño de Moda. Currently is… More Info +
  • Marta Cuquet
    Together with the Interior Design alumni Marta Cuquet, she won… More Info +
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    Martin Maldonado
    Martin Maldonado studied the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at IED… More Info +
  • Maud Cassiere
    She works as a designer in Beabloo. Visit his blog:… More Info +
  • Natalia Herrera
    Natalia Herrera was born in Colombia and works as an… More Info +
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    Natalia Sushchenko
    Natalia Sushchenko studied the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at… More Info +
  • Pablo Calzado Isbert
    He works as a Graphic Designer at LITTLE BUDDHA. He… More Info +
  • Patricia Ferreira
    Patricia Ferreira combined his studies in Fashion Design at IED… More Info +
  • Ruben Oya
    Ruben Oya is 3D Modeller at Qoros Design Studio in Munich.… More Info +
  • Simone Soon Kamph
    Simone Soon Kamph studied the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design… More Info +
  • Stefanía Ósk Ómarsdóttir
    She was born in Island and studied Illstration and Multimedia… More Info +
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    Susy Sans
    She studied the Título Superior en Diseño de Moda. She works at Valentino… More Info +
  • Xue Mao
    Xue Mao was born in China and works as a… More Info +

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