Safe Campus

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Safe Campus

IED reopens its sites in Spain

The world is changing and now more than ever it needs designers to remake itself, reinvent itself and to move forward. That is why we are opening our doors again, with more enthusiasm than ever, so that our students can enjoy the unique experience of the workshops, the labs and life in the communal areas and in the classrooms. 

Our main objective, in addition to providing the quality training to which we are committed, is to protect the health of our students and that of our environment. IED is an extraordinary community made up of extraordinary people, which means we need everybody’s cooperation so that our students only need to focus on learning and making the most of their experience. 

Because we cannot do it alone. Therefore, we appeal to the responsibility of each and every member of the IED community. 

What each of us does outside of school at this time will have a direct impact on the lives of many people. We therefore rely on the responsibility of our staff, teachers and students so that this challenge of keeping the campus open becomes a reality. 



Find out all the protocols you must follow if you are a student, a teacher, a faculty member or a staff member.

It is mandatory to wear a homologated mask by the UNE 0065:2020 normative. 


Any external party entering IED as a visitor must complete the Statement of Responsibility that you can find here or you will find available at the reception desk of each facility.

*These standards may change according to new guidelines from the health authorities.