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Project: La Violeta


IED Spain will be adopting a mixed academic model for its Master’s courses starting from the next academic year, in response to the complexity of the new post-COVID reality, and in order to facilitate learning. The system includes face-to-face classes that can be held both in our facilities (with different capacities depending on the programme) and simultaneously in virtual classrooms, combined with distance learning content.

The new format responds to the new realities that are emerging as a result of the health crisis, which IED is approaching as a challenge to boost innovation and explore new paths. Based on its commitment to design as a driver of change, IED Spain aims to continue its close relationship with each and every one of its students, regardless of their location.

Added to this challenge is the successful implementation of virtual platforms throughout recent months, which has laid the foundations for a new period, in which the School is committed to guaranteeing access to and continuity of learning for all.

Face-to-face classes within IED’s schools connect students with their surroundings; with a physical and palpable reality that enables them to experiment in workshops, create prototypes and socialise. These face-to-face classes will be complemented by distance content so that students can work remotely with challenges and exercises that enhance learning and promote critical analysis. The online content allows students to progress at their own pace, without depending on a class attendance schedule.

The distance experience helps to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge in those areas or subjects that are more inclined to be taught online, thereby enabling students to save on travel time without losing their connection with the rest of the group, and without renouncing experimentation or teamwork.

Tools, methodologies and facilities

The different branches of IED are all equipped with the necessary technologies so that all those who cannot physically attend classes can follow them via a virtual platform. A dynamic, inclusive methodology that maintains teamwork has been designed for face- to-face content, which has been organised so that some students can attend on-site classes and others can connect virtually.

IED has converted its buildings into safe centres. The School has gone to great lengths to ensure the health and safety of the entire IED Community in its facilities; however, it is the responsibility of each individual to comply with the standards set by the health authorities.

For the IED Barcelona Master’s courses starting on 22 September 2020, all content will be taught online until the end of October, with the simultaneous face-to-face classes beginning in November, subject to the indications of the Ministry of Health.

The IED Madrid Master’s courses starting on 5 October 2020 will be taught in the aforementioned mixed format, and on-site activities may gradually be increased, subject to the indications of the Ministry of Health.

Our facilities will be open from Monday to Saturday to allow for greater face-to-face participation, with all the necessary safety measures in place to ensure the health of the whole IED Community.