IED Community / Staff

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

IED Community / Staff

Academic Secretary

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Aurora Delgado
Academic Secretary Coordination and Global Design – More Info +
Eduard Castañé
Education Policy Manager – More Info +
Francesca Flajani
Coordinación Área Transversal, Admissions and Campus Manager – More Info +


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Jaume Acedo
Human Resources – More Info +
Patricia Vizcaíno
Patricia Vizcaíno – More Info +


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Silvia Martín
Fashion Coordination –   More Info +
Meritxell Llorca
Information and Orientation Service of Master –  More Info +


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Enric Bajuelo
Visual Communication School Managing Director – More Info +
Carmen Blanquez
Design School Academic Coordination – More Info +
Susana Zarco
Master Academic Coordinator –  More Info +

Executive Board

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Alessandro Manetti
IED Barcelona Director – More Info +
Andrea Marchesi
IED Barcelona Vicedirector – More Info +
Sara Balestri
Executive Secretary & FITS Manager– More Info +

General Services

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Mª Carmen Poch
IT Department – More Info +
Cristian Calabuig
Maintenance –  More Info +
Juan José Borrajo
General Services – More Info +

I+ED Lab & Empresas

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Lorena Alegre
Job Placement – More Info +
Horge Pérez
I+ED Director – More Info +

Information & Admissions

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Laura Gargallo
Information and Orientation Service of Master – More Info +
Mónica Boada
Orientation and Admissions Department – More Info +
Daniela Maccarrone
Orientation & Admissions Department – More Info +

Marketing & Communication

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Carlos Peñalver
Vídeo –  More Info +
Maider Lasa
Information and Orientation Service of Master –  More Info +
Luiza Lacava
Gráfica – More Info +

Student Services

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Maribel Cardeñas
Fashion Lab – More Info +
Francisco Tomey
Coordinador Talleres Design & MakerLab – More Info +
Georgina Cuadros
Asistente Taller Moda Master – tallermodamaster@bcn.ied .es More Info +
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