The FITS project (Future Innovation Tailor-made School) has grown out of an increasingly clear need to offer education focused on design-driven innovation in the creative and cultural sectors of the economy. It would be made up of personalized educational programmes for companies, institutions and organizations.

FITS courses address the most pressing demands and challenges, introduced by our speakers, and explore creative methodologies to generate innovation-driven solutions.

IED has become internationally renowned in areas including fashion, product design, transportation, workspaces, services, digital graphic design, visual communications, marketing, strategy design and design thinking, thanks to our lengthy professional development.

Through FITS, our goal is to provide specialized, customized design programmes, in close collaboration and co-creation with the participants in the learning process. Our main objective is to generate knowledge that provides value based on innovation, which is applicable and measurable from the minute the programme is finished.

The idea goes beyond the classic consultant-client relationship framework. It builds a collaborative experience that is planned explicitly for the organizational, cultural, economic, technological and market realities of the collaborating company, institution or university.

We believe that tailor-made training can increasingly represent an efficient, robust, stra­tegic ally to generate multiple innovation opportunities. The foundation of the training must be cultural and systematic, rath­er than being limited to a single project or driven exclusively by technological investment.

Our programmes also inclu­de tools for continuous self-eva­luation. These allow internal decision makers to measure ele­ments of the FITS programme’s reach in their professional en­vironment. To achieve this, we use efficiency indicators directly linked to the predefined propo­sed objectives.

The revolution begins with the application of design me­thodology. It considers new pro­fessional, economic, social, re­lational, cultural and global technological horizons that are impacting the present and will profoundly change an ever-nea­ring future society.

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