FITS – Future Innovation Tailor-Made School

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

FITS – Future Innovation Tailor-Made School


The Future Innovation Tailor-Made School (FITS) is a project that stemmed from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Barcelona to cater for their training needs and aid in the cultural shift organisations are undergoing to survive future VUCA scenarios.

As IED pursues its global expansion and furthers its sound teaching experience, the Future Innovation Tailor-Made School (FITS) brings solutions based on design‑driven innovation to achieve specific results, helping organisations to overcome challenges and enhance their competitiveness, operational efficiency, R&D processes and digital transformation and redefine their sustainability strategies and CSR.

To achieve this goal, FITS is introducing a series of creative and innovative methodologies drawing on Design Thinking and System Thinking. These methodologies bring out an organisation’s full potential in terms of talent, co-creation and innovation – i.e. the collective intelligence that every person and every institution owns.

In line with these new methodologies, FITS is launching a proposal for learning organisations that goes one step beyond the typical consultant/client relational model, introducing a new vision of in‑company relations with a series of special made-to-measure programmes designed in close collaboration with the beneficiaries of those learning processes. Our co-creation companies come from the worlds of fashion, mobility, visual communication, venues, services and innovation. Our main aim is to generate new insight for organisations to bring them innovative, applicable and measurable added value right from the start, using ongoing self‑assessment tools so in-house decision makers can measure the scope and outcome of the FITS programme actions in their professional surroundings.