Orientation Programs for Schools

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

Orientation Programs for Schools

Creativity as an educational tool

IED Barcelona is launching a series of activities conceived to bring Design closer to learning establishments and their protagonists: students and education professionals. 

Today, creativity is a differentiating factor on both a personal and professional level, and is positioned at the centre of educational change. It involves new approaches and perspectives. Our aim is to bring the discipline of design closer to different professional fields and to identify the next generation of designers who are already developing their creativity in the classroom.

Students, through the vehicle of design, are proponents of change and creators of ideas. It is a tool that will enable them to improve their capacities for synthesis, analysis and communication, and to acquire an effective study method that can be adapted to any discipline.

With this idea as our foundation, we put into practice all our educational experience and an innovative methodology to propose initiatives that will be useful in your activity as advisors.

Activities for Education Centres

· Do It Yourself. Discover our educational workshops

Design should be lived and enjoyed. Our proposal is to enhance students’ creativity by creating objects from elements available to everyone. This activity is flexible and can be developed in education centres or within IED facilities, adapting to students’ availability.

· I’m a creative. Which is the best path for a student to follow? Orientation talk. 

Should I study an Undergraduate Degree or a BA (Hons) Degree? Or should I choose a Foundation Course to see if this is really what I want to do? The professional world of design is extremely wide and the centres where you can embark on a degree are highly varied, so it is very important to take an informed decision on where to carry out your education. Through this talk, students will get to know the different learning options offered by IED Barcelona and the academic routes that best suit their interests.

· Education Fairs

IED Barcelona travels to education centres to let people know about the courses they offer and answer any questions and doubts that students may have when deciding upon their professional future. 

· Educational Orientation Days

To truly experience design, it is not enough just to be a designer; you have to think creatively, approach each day with ingenuity and find innovative solutions. The Design Thinking methodology allows us to incorporate a designer’s processes into our way of thinking in order to achieve unique results. Do you want to experience it first hand? 

 · Discover IED Barcelona

IED’s two main facilities — IED Point One and IED Point Two — are located in central Barcelona, in the heart of the Gracia district. The first is conceived as a research space with a range of laboratories and workspaces, while the second is comprised of classrooms and open spaces where students investigate how design makes it possible to humanise technology.  

Activities for future designers

· Open Day

IED Barcelona opens its doors to welcome future designers, present its educational offering and the spaces where our students learn. During this Open Day, our information and orientation team will guide participants and solve their doubts, as well as provide information about access requirements, employment opportunities and international programmes, among other topics.

· Personalised Information Sessions

The school is open from Monday to Friday to attend to parents and young people who wish to discover the city’s largest Design Campus. Appointments can be made by phone (+34 93 238 58 89) or by email (info.barcelona@ied.es).

· Creative Days

If you want to experience what a designer’s day-to-day life is like, come and visit our centre and take a completely free workshop in the area you are most interested in: Fashion and Modelling, Interior Design and Sketching, or Creative Printing and 3D Character Design.

· Design Thinking Experience

Unearth your most creative side using one of the most interesting dynamics seen today. How would you improve the lives of others? Find a problem, empathise, define, create, prototype and test: these are the five keys to the future.

· Professional Days

Day-long sessions for professionals interested in learning how to apply creativity to the world of work and innovation through the methodology of Design Thinking. The classes are taught by leading professionals from different design sectors and are completely free. Don’t give it a second thought!

Contact: info.barcelona@ied.es