Hernán Ordóñez

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi


Hernán Ordóñez

Área Visual

Graduate in Graphic Design by the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning by the Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA), Argentina, he is certificated by Rasmussen Consulting, Denmark and Serious Play™, Argentina to design and facilitate workshops on the LEGO© Serious Play© methodology.
He lectures on Design and Typography, and also coordinates the Master in Graphic Information Design; collaborated with several schools to manage courses, their contents and tutoring; some of the tutored projects obtained awards and mentions such as Signes, ADI-FAD and Laus, and others allowed students to have a professional experience in internationally renowned studios like DesignBridge, London and the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.
Member of the selection committee of the Spanish Design Yearbook Select H  (Ed. Indexbook) and author of the book Typex. Una experiencia docente en Diseño con Tipografía(Ed. IndexBook).

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