Elena Castaudi
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    Elena Castaudi
    Graduated in Theoretical Physics from the Universitá di Torino (Italy).… More Info +
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    Helena Rosselló
    A codehunter, specialising in advising on Europe/China communication codes in… More Info +
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    Guido Charosky
    Co-founder Drop-Design for Innovation, an innovation consulting firm focused on… More Info +
  • David Ortega Gómez
    A Graduate in Interior Design, he has his own graphic… More Info +
  • Raffaella Perrone
    PhD in Architecture. She studied at the Politecnico di Milano… More Info +
  • Oriol Guimerà
    Artistic director, product designer and design adviser specialising in innovation… More Info +
  • Susana Zarco
    Interdisciplinary designer. Since 1999 she has been collaborating with Emiliana… More Info +
  • Román Bianco
    Chief Designer for Creative Affairs, a design studio dedicated to… More Info +
  • Aviv Shany
    Aviv works as a product designer and university lecturer, as… More Info +
  • Oriol Carrasco
    PhD Candidate and MSc in Architecture After graduating from his… More Info +

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