Workshop: “Es lo que hay”: Comunicación posible en contextos imposibles

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Workshop: “Es lo que hay”: Comunicación posible en contextos imposibles

On February 19th, 20th and 21st IED Barcelona will be the venue of the workshop “Es lo que hay”: Comunicación posible en contextos imposibles. Diseñando sentidos entre el flujo y el fragmento, which will bear on possible communication in imposible contexts, on design of meanings between flow and fragment. This workshop is aimed at designers, design students and professionals in want of creative and efficient alternatives for visual representations of their projects and presentations, imagining and proposing a communicational strategy, seen as a mutliple narrative structure in several levels, formats and media.

A melting pot of functionality and artistic resources, trying to find a way to bring logical and creative thinking together leaving none behind.

A few core concepts:
. Present/represent: What does “represent” mean in a cultural context where present and immediate are stronger than delay and symbolized?
. Universal/personal: From visual homogeneity to local idiolects. 
. Óptic/Haptic: How to comprehend an expanded notion of visual in a moment where the socio-cultural perception is not ruled by terms of good forms and deductive reasoning?
. Sistems, series and collections: The problem of creating meaning.
. Images, words, gestures, things: Signifying as a tactic of diversity, cooperation and complicity. Ready made, pret-a-porter and NID (non intentional design).

Architect Enrique Longinotti, graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), will impart the workshop. Since 1994 Longinotti has been the Titular Professor of the Chair of the Degree in Graphic Design of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning/UBA. Between 1998 and 2005 he was the Director of this Degree and since 2002 he directs the Master in Communication Design of FADU/UBA. He supervises specialization projects and Master’s thesis in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. In addition, he develops his academic activity through several seminars and workshops in universities in Spain, Austria, Germany, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina, covering subjects such as experimentation in typography and publishing, research on communication in public spaces and visual organization of information, schematics and morphological research. In September 2012 he was invited, as an expert, to Kosmos 2012 – Mobility, at the Humbold Universität, Berlin. His publications include La Biblioteca Imaginaria (1998, Editorial Eudeba), Signo registrado (2000), Letronomikon (2003), Morfologías (2005), Tipos Totales (2011), Usted está aquí (2009), Puro Cuento (2012). 

Date: February 19-21, 2014
Time: from 10h to 14h
Place: IED Barcelona (Biada, 11)
Workshop cost: 250€