Verde que te quiero…

Project: CYME | Design

Project: CYME

Verde que te quiero…

The project “Verde que te quiero…” designed by our 4th-year students of the Undergraduate Degree in Product Design, Massimo Nocivelli and Melania Moreno, has won the award for the most innovative showcase in the ‘Showcases-Design in diagonal’ for the Habitat Store.

Within the framework of Barcelona Design Week 2020, the proposal is inspired by two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Climate Action and Life on Earth.

The spherical shape of the shelf refers to the world and the green color to the presence of plant biodiversity that constitutes more than half of the earth’s surface. The different empty spaces of the sphere serve as a showcase for the store’s products such as vases, glasses and flights, as well as different plants to turn the structure into a green spot.

The project was conceived during the ephemeral project course and the students wanted to capture the philosophy and message of the store. The design is committed to an accessible, simple, beautiful, and affordable design; and offers an impact message that wants to showcase the importance of sustainability on our planet. The installation has been designed to be reused thanks to its materials and the store located on Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona has agreed to keep it for its message, quality, and originality.

The project is part of the Design in Diagonal initiative and can be seen until November 26.


Students: Massimo Nocivelli and Melania Moreno

Tutor: Alex Estévez

Store: Hábitat – Av. Diagonal, 514 (Barcelona).