Two IED alumni win third prize at Spain’s Roca One Day Design Challenge

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Two IED alumni win third prize at Spain’s Roca One Day Design Challenge

FLINK’, a project by former Product Design students from IED Barcelona Stella Rosa Ferrazzo and Teo Gaudet, has won third prize in Spain’s Roca One Day Design Challenge, gaining recognition from among the more than 500 entries submitted for the 9th edition of this competition, which this year was held in an online format.

Flink’ responds to the challenge posed by Roca to design an innovative proposal for the kitchen sink and tap space, including new features, all within a period of eight hours. The sustainable and creative design stands out for its choice of materials. It proposes a silicone sink that is durable, inexpensive and highly resistant to both heat and cold. Its edges can be raised to prevent splashing and it contains an interior divider that can be adjusted depending on the client’s needs.

The project was recognised by the jury of experts, who highlighted “the innovative application of an eco-friendly material to the sink that is also easy to manufacture, is long-lasting, and does not decompose”. It further cited “the versatility of the design, both in terms of colour and aesthetics”.

Two other alumni, Carla Jörgens and Guillermo Beltrán, also took part in the event, as well as students of Product, Interior and Transportation Design.