To be a Coolhunter? I WANT!

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Project: Seat Mergo

To be a Coolhunter? I WANT!

For sure that you have heard the word ‘Coolhunting’ thousands of times but, do you really know what does it mean?

A Coolhunter is someone capable of detecting waves of change in an emergent level, selecting and filtering; someone able to understand, from an objective point of view, the meaning of the movements and new trends.

Nowadays the coolhunting concept has evolved and gone beyond ephemeral trend detection, encompassing also the understanding of the motivations and meanings that underlie what we see. Thus, coolhunting becomes a powerful tool at strategic level, not just tactical, from the development of new communication modes and territories to develop new products and designs.

For this reason, IED Barcelona offers two types of courses: the Postgraduate in Trends Research (English) and the Summer Course in Fashion Trends Investigation from Coolhunting to Forecasting (English).

For more information, click on the links and download the study plans.

Continuing Study Program (CSP) in Coolhunting

The Continuing Study Program (CSP) in Coolhunting is a specialization course intended for those more focused on the areas of marketing, communication and design application, as well as market research, advertising and design management.

Winter Course in Trends Investigation: from coolhunting to fashion forecasting

On the other hand, the Winter Course in Trends Investigation: from coolhunting to fashion forecasting is an intensive course, of one-month duration, held in English and with an advanced level. In this course students will explore Barcelona’s most eclectic neighborhoods and cultural centers while implementing the research tools taught in class.

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