The #Selfie Dress goes to Mexico

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Proyecto del Posgraduado en Design for Wearables de un vestido de moviles

The #Selfie Dress goes to Mexico

The #Selfie Dress designed by Saeunn Kjartansdóttir and Alex Murray-Leslie and produced by YOMO/IED Barcelona & Julia Weems for the ECOcyborg Fashion Tech Show, is on display at the exhibition “Cuerpos Perfectos & Máquinas Rebeldes” which opened on Tuesday 7th March at the Arte Alameda Lab in Mexico, as part of the second edition of the E-Body festival.

This spectacular dress, consisting of thirty selfie sticks and thirty mobile phones, was designed during the Wearable Fashion Future workshop that was held at IED Barcelona during Trans Design Week in cooperation with The Youth Mobile Festival (YOMO Barcelona). It was also part of the live art performance “ECOcyborg” that took place during the 2017 Mobile World Congress.

Now, in Mexico City, the design is on display in the exhibition “Cuerpos Perfectos & Máquinas Rebeldes”, a fashion-tech exhibition curated by Melissa Coleman, which will be open until 16th April 2017. The initiative showcases designs by international artists who acknowledge the potential of linking the fashion industry to technology and, at the same time, emphasizes its revolutionary power by questioning issues such as identity, security and privacy.