The Management of the 21st century is called design

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea | Management

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

The Management of the 21st century is called design

Why the Management of the 21st century is called Design?

Because the impact of the change of social paradigms at communicational and technological levels on the structure and organization of enterprises has been so radical that it has caused that the classical theories of management, focused on the administrative and financial management, are no longer able to generate effective solutions.

Because there is a need for solutions build around shared and collaborative use of creative thinking.

Because it is necessary to coordinate different disciplines, and design methodology places transdisciplinarity at the core of the implementation of its process.

Because of the increasing relevance of the final user: has the power to influence companies’ strategies, and design not only thinks of markets, but people, products, services and the relation between them. But the human being will always have the last word.

Because design fosters the use of empathy and intuition: two key elements for companies at these times of great uncertainty about the future.

Because the designer thinks visually and holistically, and the big data revolution is in need of tools for visual synthesis so it can be understood and transformed in useful information for companies to include it in their strategies.

Because the local markets no longer exist, and have been replaced by one virtual global market with all sorts of elements conceived by digital designers.

For all these reasons and so many more…

Come and visit IED Barcelona, we will explain in full detail why if you want to be a good manager you’ll need to think like a designer and implement the many methodologies of their universe. We are waiting for you to introduce you to the international laboratory of transdisciplinary innovation called Design. Welcome to the Management of the 21st century.


Management Masters:

– Máster Intensivo – Digital Creative Business
– Máster Intensivo – Innovation Strategy and Entrepeneurship

Management CSPs:

– CSP in Design For Innovation Strategy – Weekend
– CSP en Project Management para Empresas Creativas – Weekend
– CSP en Service Design – Weekend
– CSP en Design Thinking y Co-creation – Weekend