The creative force that’s going to move the world

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

The creative force that’s going to move the world

This is a call to action for all the creative talent who want to participate in transforming the world. Covid-19 has put us in check, raising the urgency of a total redefinition of all those structures that no longer work. What talent do we need to deal with this global uncertainty?

Beyond technology, human beings possess an extraordinary tool for transformation: creativity. And, through design, that unstoppable force, which we individually treasure, has found the perfect means to pave the way in addressing the great challenge of reinventing ourselves.

As the world and the people within it change, design is delving deeper into new fields, adapting, becoming more specialised, and being transformed into a crucial tool for innovation across a wide range of disciplines. Today, as we live in the most uncertain times in recent history, the figure of the Designer gains even more strength.

What does design mean for you? What are your challenges? What skills are needed to tackle them?

Follow this exciting path, hand in hand with professionals from the sector, developing real projects and collaborating with leading companies in the industry. Because this world needs to be redesigned now. IED invites you to be part of the creative force that’s going to move the world.