The Artemide Scholarship in Lighting Design goes to…

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Collection: Serial Seeds

The Artemide Scholarship in Lighting Design goes to…

January 27 is the start date for the CSP in Architectural Lighting Design and, thanks to the collaboration of Artemide España, the talent of one of the participants in the contest “Back to Light” has been rewarded with a scholarship to take the course .

The winner of the 100% Artemide Scholarship 2013 is Núria Carrillo with her project “FRAGMENTS”, through the use of lighting, aims to soften the feeling of hugeness given by the concrete carpet that surrounds Barcelona’s recently restored Mercat del Born.

The place belongs to one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Barcelona, so do its characteristics: narrowness, shadows and people on the move. The intention of our winner’s project is to highlight the relevance of the architectural element, as the market, through lighting and graphic design, while creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere  by “hiding” the huge concrete corridors that  shroud the market.


If you, too, would like to broaden your knowledge, keep in mind that the lighting designer, even being a newly-created agent, has become an essential to design any sort of space.



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