Solutions to detect and treat metal illness

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Collection: Serial Seeds

Solutions to detect and treat metal illness

A toothbrush that monitors lithium in the blood of people with bipolar disorders, a device that improves tracking of people with severe psychiatric disorders, and an application that helps relieve anxiety crises are the winning projects from Healthcare Solutions Hackathon, organised by Fusion Point with the support of Accenture.

More than 50 students from IED, ESADE and UPC competed during a weekend with the aim was to find the best solution to detect and treat mental illness. Participants in multidisciplinary teams used technological devices (such as a portable device for biomedical signal acquisition, a small microcontroller with sensors, tablets, and laptops) and advice from scholars and experts to develop their ideas.

In less than 48 hours, participants made functional prototypes to detect and treat psychiatric symptoms (such as anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, and bipolar disorder) and made presentations to a panel of experts. The panel included academics from the three centres, as well as professionals from Accenture and Sanofi, and Dr Ignacio Crespo from the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge.

Among the winning projects was Lithbrush – a toothbrush that monitors the amount of lithium in the blood of people with bipolar disorder and helps determine if they are adhering to the recommended treatment; Metamorphosis, a device that includes a virtual assistant to improve the monitoring of people with severe psychiatric disorders and helps prevent suicides; and Enigma, an application that relieves crises in people with anxiety disorders.

Photo credits: ESADE