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Project: Seat Mergo


Launched on a yearly basis, the Reshape Competition focuses on tech in fashion and smart products. The contest, organized by Noumena in collaboration with INDUSTRY-From Needs to Solutions, Adidas, Fira Barcelona and IED Barcelona, attracts designers worldwide willing to explore the impact of tech in design solutions on our daily life, habitats, and social behaviours.

There will be two categories:

Wearable technology category

For the Wearable technology track, we challenge designers to come up with clothing solutions that establish a connection with the environment. We seek a wide variety of proposals, from innovative materials and wearable electronics to prosthetic applications, with a mediating function between our

body and its needs.

Smart Product Category

Smart Product design is the category directed to all creatives and designers interested in product solutions promoting well-being and health care and in a wide range of applications – from sports to automotive and medical devices.

The Scientific Comittee is composed by Bradly Klerk Dunn, CEO of Iris van Herpen; Anastasia Pistofidou Director of the FabTextile research lab and the Fabricademy, a new textile and technology academy; Simone Cesano Senior Director Design Operations of Adidas; and Valerie Bergeron Director of Materfad.

Julia Weems, Fashion Director at IED Barcelona, will be part of the jury that will select the three winners, along Simone Cesano Senior Director Design Operations Adidas; Alberto Lovisetto, 3D project coordinator a Moncler; Behnaz Farahi arquitecta i dissenyadora de moda i disseny interactiu; i la plataforma d’arquitectura, moda i tecnologia ZAP&BUJ

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