Conversations between women & design at TEDxBarcelona Women

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi


Conversations between women & design at TEDxBarcelona Women

“Voices of Design” reflects a controversial point of view shown by IED Barcelona in an effort to shake social foundations through design and creativity. The exhibition presents projects by students and alumni from the University that convey their deepest concerns about the women of today.

Their creations tackle taboos about sexuality, reflect on the impact of society on bodies and on fashion, and suggest new ways of facing today’s reality through mobility. With three ground-breaking proposals, the exhibition reveals new ways of seeing the female identity and its opportunities in the world we live in.

Their work will be on display at TEDxBarcelonaWomen on 30th November at the Imagina MediaPro Auditorium, sponsored by IED. The initiative stems from the need to highlight, empower and connect female talent for greater gender equality.

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