Only One Month Left

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea | Management

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

Only One Month Left

The following Continuing Study Programs will start on April 25th:

Design for Innovation Strategy – weekend (English)
Discover key tools that can promote and facilitate innovation and transform organizations, influencing their business model or identifying new opportunities.

Photography for Creative Professions (Spanish)
Learn how to perform the whole process of photographic production and to use image in different advertising supports and social networks. Also, it will help understand the relevance of creating a strategy for products sale along with an image that matches and reinforces the strategy.

Creative Illustration  (Spanish) 
Get a sound base in drawing skills, both for shapes and contents, to express a personal style on illustrations, becoming a proficient draughtsperson and a thinker able to capture original ideas and symbols in visual metaphors.

And also, the Intensive Master in Innovation Strategy Entrepreneurship (in Spanish and through blended learning), that provides the essential skills to generate new business opportunities, design new products and services, define alternative forms of production and new business models that enable the creation of new bonds between market and industry.

In the video below you can find an example of the goals we want to achieve with the Continuing Study Programs (CSP) of IED Barcelona and an interview on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategies with teachers Guido Charosky and Till Jasper.