The Spanish Basketball Federation gets a new corporate identity

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

The Spanish Basketball Federation gets a new corporate identity

IED has played a part in creating the new corporate identity for the Spanish Basketball Federation (known as the FEB), which they will be using as from January 2019.

Students Kent Çeka, Álvaro Martínez and Jerome Maccagnan from IED Barcelona and IED Madrid, have developed a series of concepts based on the values of the FEB brand: friendliness, team spirit, professionalism, excitement, prestige and success.

During the first stage of their work, supervised by IED teacher Hernán Ordóñez, the FEB wished to draw on contributions by the society at large and especially by young people, which led to a collaborative project that gave the students a real challenge to work on. In the end, they developed a dual corporate identity: on the one hand, an “institutional” brand and, on the other hand, a more “commercial” one to resonate with fans.

During stage two of the process, they were helped by acclaimed designer Raúl Pena, who had already produced the mascot for the 2018 Spanish Female Basketball World Cup that was recently played in Tenerife. At this stage, the IED students used a series of concepts they had developed previously to further specify these two corporate identities and define the brand manual and its uses.

We wanted to design a more intelligent, versatile and dynamic image with a clear forward-looking message”, explained Jorge Garbajosa, FEB President José Montero, FEB Vice President, added: “This image fits in perfectly with our way of thinking, our society and all basketball supporters and sports fans in general. The heart is the main distinctive feature compared to the previous logo and is a symbol of something we all have in common. It’s a highly chameleonic logo which is intended to convey bravery, decisiveness and creativity. Plus, we have created an institutional logo on one hand and a commercial Baloncesto Españabrand on the other hand”.