New Medialab Reservation System

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

New Medialab Reservation System

From May 5th will be working the new Medialab Reservation System. This online site works in real time and allows the user to be informed about the availability of the equipment and the studio. Each user registered will own an untransferable account that contains all the information about the user´s reservations, and also contains an schedule in order to help the user to organize his reservations. The site also has an automatic mailing system designed to create a fluid communication between the students and Medialab administrators, and report the students about their reservations status. It is fully compatible with all devices, smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Any IED Barcelona student, wishing to reserve equipment or the studio from this date, must be properly registered on the Medialab site. Students will reserve equipment and the studio all by themselves, because Medialab administrators will not be able to make the reservations manually. Before start using the site, after the registration every student should go to the Medialab for validation as site users from Medialab administrators. From this moment students will be able to use all the services that Medialab site offers. Any student can go to the Medialab where administrators will solve any doubt about Medialab site operation.

On this link you can complete your registration: