Fashion & Luxury: Law, Business & Marketing - The new master’s course delivered in collaboration with ISDE

IED is introducing its new masters in Fashion & Luxury: Law, Business & Marketing, in collaboration with the Higher Institute of Law & Economics (ISDE).

This is the first master’s course in Spain to provide a global view of the legal side of fashion and luxury, an industry that is better known internationally as Fashion Law.

This new training programme emerged from a rising demand for more specialised professional profiles. Adding to this trend is the fact that fashion and luxury have taken on a new dimension in recent years and are beginning to play a strategic role in portraying a society that is ever-changing, more aware and better informed. 

The course will be taught by specialised professionals who work actively in the world of fashion and law. Their aim is to help students to decode the fashion ecosystem, learn about the key professionals who comprise it and understand the history and evolution of fashion over time, as well as becoming familiar with applicable legal concepts.

For more information about the course, click here.

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