Master in Interactive Apps Design

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Interactive Apps Design

Master in Interactive Apps Design

The development of projects that will be displayed on screens, or through the Internet of Things (IOT) requires new skills and very specialized design knowledge.

The huge amount of data that we handle (Big Data) demands simple interfaces that can be used in a natural way. The designer has to recognize users needs (User Centered Design) and their response mechanisms facing a new devices, in order to develop efficient and friendly interfaces, as a result of knowledge on hardware and software, thus improving the way we interact with screens.

For this reason, the students of the Master in Interactive Apps Design will learn to develop interfaces for mobile terminals, focusing on Big Data and developing them collaboratively between different teams and their users, in a process based on Agile management (a benchmark model to developing software and projects in which requirements evolve through collaborations between different self-managed multifunctional teams.

Why should you take this course in Barcelona?

Barcelona is the seat of the Mobile World Congress, the event for the mobile devices industry that gathers the most excellent professionals and companies in the field: much more than in any other event. More than 72,000 assistants from 200 countries visit this fair, where they expect to learn, create networks and, especially, they look for inspiration and innovation.

Barcelona, as Mobile World Capital, is the perfect environment to develop new projects for the industry of interactive applications.