Marta Cuquet and Sanna Völker, Bolia Design Awards 2014 finalists

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

Marta Cuquet and Sanna Völker, Bolia Design Awards 2014 finalists

Three projects of Marta Cuquet and Sanna Völker, alumni of Product Design, have been selected as finalists of the Bolia Design Awards 2014. The selected proposals are: Mary, a wicked creation that combines the advantages of a floor lamp with the visual effect of a suspension lamp; Papilotti, a wall clock with a magnifying glass, and with a hole in the glass that reveals the true size of the clock hands; and Ringo, a desk with two translucent panels that will discretely hide the disorder, and a wooden back that offers the privacy that you demand.

Bolia Design Awards 2014 is a Danish contest for young designers which invites them to promote their creativity and talent designing a furniture. The winner is rewarded with a financial remuneration, the opportunity to have their designs in production and to become a member of Bolia Design Team.

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