Map Your Future

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Collection: Serial Seeds

Map Your Future

As the working world grows ever more complex, demanding and competitive, new job offers are being launched to find specific profiles and professionals who are constantly changing. How can I tell which path to take? Will it be the right one? What if I regret it?

In a situation like this, Jürgen Salenbacher, former Academic Dean of IED Barcelona as well as coach, facilitator and expert in education, design and business, has designed a one-page canvas to help make the right decisions based on the Creative Personal Branding® methodology from his bestselling book with the same name and successfully applied as workshops in most of IED’s Master studies over the last decade to help students shapen their professional profile and understand their edge and value. Essentially, the canvas is a future conceptualisation map designed for personalised professional development, essential in today’s creative economy for any creative professional.

My goal is to develop practical agile learning materials for Students as well as for other educators supporting students to grow and make them better, our main motivation. Practical learning materials that help to make this type of decisions easier and encourage introspection,” explains the creator about what motivated him to create this tool. He assures that “it helps you to be more aware of your own desires, ambitions and individual worth, analysing the strengths in your personality according to the demands of today’s market, making you feel happier and more confident about your decisions.”

The Creative Personal Branding® Canvas enables people to develop creative leadership, take a step back to get a global perspective on their current professional and personal situation and assess it. The tool identifies the goals that each person sets themselves and see what it would take to achieve them.

I recommend doing the map once or twice a year. But when you do, it is important to feel good about yourself at the start: you need to feel relaxed, listen to music, meditate… This helps you to plan what you have to do in your life from a more playful approach,” says Salenbacher. “Making decisions is really tricky, especially when you do it alone. At times when you change from one industry to another or when you are thinking about the skills you are lacking, the canvas is extremely helpful. You don’t have to think about the structure because it is all set in the methodology,” he adds.

IED Barcelona is the close educational partner behind this initiative since the very beginning of the Creative Personal Branding® methodology. He describes IED as “the perfect place and multicultural environment of highly talented creative professionals to support, facilitate and implement the projects of students as well as educators of IED in respect to the biggest challenge when it comes to developing your ideas: design your future using smart learning materials like the Creative Personal Branding® Canvas”.

To learn more or buy the canvas, follow this link.