Manuel Outumuro reveals the winners of the Best Shooting Award from Fashioners of the World 2020

Collection: Raza | Fashion

Collection: Raza

Manuel Outumuro reveals the winners of the Best Shooting Award from Fashioners of the World 2020

The photographer Manuel Outumuro has revealed the best shootings of the final year collections from Fashioners of the World 2020, following the annual fashion show by graduates from IED Barcelona Design School that took place a few months ago. Given the context of the lockdown, students from the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design and the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design produced their photo shoots under exceptional circumstances, conferring a special value upon this work they carried out at home.

Pilar Pasamontes, Scientific Fashion Director at IED Barcelona and Julia Weems, Fashion School Director, visited Outumuro at his studio, located in Barcelona’s emblematic Palau Fonollar — the Fonollar Palace — to talk about the process of this work and its results, as well as to reveal the winning proposals.

With regard to the latter, Outumuro underscored the high standard of the work received: “I don’t know if it’s because they have great teachers and the centre is perfect, but the level of all the work surprised me. It’s not easy to take a fashion photo; it’s easy to take a selfie.”

During the meeting, Pilar Pasamontes emphasised the effort made by the Fashion students to bring their proposals to fruition, since “they were in the midst of a pandemic and did it with the bare minimum they had available at home”.

First prize was awarded to Laura Pérez for her shooting of the collection Atila. “The white border she’s used emphasises and provides a graphic counterpoint to this collection, which I also loved in all the clothing and accessories”, explains Outumuro. “It has a strong graphic character”, he added.

Given the exceptional quality of the shootings submitted, the photographer also wanted to award second and third prizes, to Hekla, by Margarita Dalit, and Ser, by Sofía Adell, respectively.

In Hekla, he underlined a “certain nostalgia and post-industrial aspect”, while Sofía Adell’s proposal stood out for its “atmosphere of intimacy, of warmth and comfort in the garment, which is very well reflected in the shooting”.

The story behind a photograph

Talking to Pasamontes prior to announcing the award winners, the renowned photographer shared his vision around fashion photography, a discipline that “apart from bringing together the style and the photographer’s eye, which defines the visual language of the artist, has to be very respectful of the clothing”. “It should arouse emotions, conflicting emotions; sometimes even a little rejection doesn’t hurt, since it makes us question things. The point is not to leave us indifferent”, he added.

He thus highlighted the importance of storytelling: “It’s about providing a role for someone to play, transforming them into the protagonist of Alice in Wonderland, which is the last theme I did for El País; the heroine of Last Year at Marienbad… Those themes that, although not expressed in a concrete and obvious way, give rise to a story, and a story within an editorial.”

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