Love the moment #LoveTheDogArt

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo


Love the moment #LoveTheDogArt

Students from the IED Barcelona Advanced Design School have taken part in the #LoveTheDogArt exhibition at La Roca Village (Barcelona), Las Rozas Village (Madrid) and Fidenza Village (Italy) to welcome the spring season under the motto “Love The Moment”.

A team of 14 students from Undergraduate Degree, Masters and One Year Global courses have spent two weeks doing a workshop organised by former student and graphic designer Eva Consuegra, which involved painting 60 sculptures of dogs as a tribute to the Chinese year of the dog. The sculptures represented three breeds of dog: the English Bulldog, the Bull Terrier and the Assis Boxer, and were inspired by each student’s cultural traditions, springtime, art and the places where the exhibitions were held.

You can visit the exhibition until march. 

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