The secrets of the old walls in Poblenou

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea | Management

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

The secrets of the old walls in Poblenou

The IED Barcelona Design University presented an ephemeral and interactive installation during Llum BCN Poblenou 2019 named Entremurs, which was set up in the Can Picó passageway in Poblenou. The installation introduced a light experience that led visitors to discover the remains of the industrial architecture of Can Picó in contrast with the more contemporary buildings that surround it.

The project was designed especially for this location by students from the Undergraduate Degrees in Graphic Design, Product Design and Interior Design and the Postgraduate Degree in Architectural Lighting Design based on a workshop coordinated by Raffaella Perrone, the Operating Director of the Design Department, and Michela Mezzavilla, the Head of the Postgraduate Degree in Architectural Lighting Design.

The warm and historic imprint left by time on old buildings, adorned with scars from days gone‑by, told the story of the aged walls in the Can Picó passageway. The installation revealed contrasting textures, proportions and walls developed over time. Throughout the journey, visitors got to discover the industrial recollections of Poblenou guided by their own shadows which shift in size and brightness to represent the passing of time. These elements were the reflection of a story that began with our ancestors and was told by those who define the present and who will shape the future of the city. In the urban promenade, blue faded into red allowing onlookers to experience a chromatic shift that afforded a different perception of the installation.

This interactive installation was an experience for the senses where users and their shadows take centre stage. Light became the element that revealed all of the secrets of Barcelona’s urban past. An intangible, immaterial and sustainable initiative that had not the slightest impact on its surroundings and underlined the power of light as a narrative link.


Students: Maïté Cayuelas, Valentina Maria Grazia Loffa, Andreu Martí Vaquer, Paola Medina Querini, Camilla Morandi, Gaia Pantalone, Elena Rubio Mosquera, Máximo Scopinaro and Igor Socheleau.

Tutors: Michela Mezzavilla y Raffaella Perrone.

Production consultant: Juanra Valladares.

Coordinator: David López.

In collaboration with: ESCENOTECNIC.