IED Barcelona Wedding Fashion takes the streets

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta


IED Barcelona Wedding Fashion takes the streets

Valeria Osma and Catalina Olmedo, postgraduate students in Diseño de Vestidos de Novia y Cerimònia and winners of Gratacós Barcelona Scholarship for the Talent, show their two moulages made with Gratacós fabrics in different places in the city during the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

The design “Cuando Sale el Sol” by Valeria Osma will be shown in Hotel Majestic from April 24th to May 1st and Catalina’s Olmedo, “Inside Me”, in Espacio Gratacós unitl May 7th. Both moulages were made by the students in collaboration with Juan Carlos Grao, designer and IED teacher.


“Cuando Sale el Sol”

Student: Valeria Osma

Collection: Cuando Sale el Sol.

Places: Hotel Majestic Barcelona

Dates: From April 24th to May 1st.


“Inside Me”

Student: Catalina Olmedo

Collection: “Sensivity of being”

Place: Espai Gratacós

Dates: From April 25th to May 7th.

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