The New Era of Product Design at Maker Faire Rome 2021

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

The New Era of Product Design at Maker Faire Rome 2021

Maker Faire Rome 2021 is exhibiting a wide representation of projects from IED Barcelona that demonstrate the creative force of our students in conceiving and materialising beautiful, inclusive, innovative and sustainable ideas.

A total of four proposals from IED Barcelona, along with a fifth created in collaboration with IED schools Italy, are being showcased at this key event for innovation and technology, the European edition of which starts today and runs until 10 October, in a hybrid format.

Reddo’, by Francesco Lucini; ‘Melo’, by Olivia Wärme; ‘Путь’ (Journey), by Daria Gorkun; ‘Eternal’, by Iker Borde; and ‘Clear Sky’, a joint project carried out with IED schools in Italy, enable us to take the pulse of the vision and concerns of the new generation of designers who will transform the landscape of design in the coming years.

The proposals are varied, yet all share the common denominator of innovation as the backbone of design: a new material, modular and organic, made from recycled oyster shells; a computer mouse whose design and materials merge the worlds of crafts and technology; a 3D-printed mask that reflects on the concept of unity that exists in contrast; and an educational game about renewable energy.