Kiss me soon, a street art mural by IED Barcelona and Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Project: We are particles | Visual

Project: We are particles

Kiss me soon, a street art mural by IED Barcelona and Hotel Barcelona Catedral

‘Kiss me soon’ is the personal tribute that IED Barcelona, in collaboration with the Hotel Barcelona Catedral, wanted to pay to the community of hoteliers and restaurateurs of the City of Counts. The mural — which measures 10×3 metres, painted in a graffiti style with the collaboration of Pinturas Molotowis located on the door of this famous hotel, transmitting a message of encouragement and awareness about the use of masks, while emphasising the importance of affectionate relationships among people. The work can be enjoyed until the hotel reopens in spring 2021. 

As the driving force behind the initiative, Álex Vilallonga, Director of the Hotel Barcelona Catedral, located in the heart of the city, just a few metres from the famous mural ‘El mundo nace en cada beso’ [‘The World is Born in Every Kiss’] (Joan Fontcuberta and Antoni Cumella, 2014), confesses: “Finding the door temporarily closed, after so many years of work and effort dedicated to our hotel, as well as the current situation of the sector, has caused us great sadness and unease”. A statement that was taken up by Barcelona’s Instituto Europeo de Design, who set about launching an intervention in the entrance of this building.

Kiss me soon, IED’s message of support for the hospitality sector

Students across the different courses of IED’s Visual Communication school presented a range of visual proposals. Yet it was the project ‘Kiss me soon’ by Barcelona-born Carla Amat, a student of the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design, that was selected to be carried out.

“It’s an extremely emblematic place in Barcelona, right next to the Kiss Mural, and I understood the need to create a message that would reflect the current situation and that was a nod to that mural, inviting visitors to interact with it”, Carla explains. 

“Although we have to wear masks, I wanted to convey a warm and compassionate message to all of us who live in Barcelona: the importance of remaining united, even at a time when we are more separated than ever”, she remarks. 

Further, she recognises that “studying at a university like IED, with such an international community, it was important to convey a positive and optimistic message”. 

Enric Bajuelo, IED Barcelona’s Visual Communication School Managing Director, responsible for coordinating the project within the School, asserts that IED “saw a great opportunity to launch a powerful and provocative visual message, capable of demonstrating solidarity and arousing emotions in these days that are difficult for us all”.