Introducing IED Forward, a new format for online courses!

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

Introducing IED Forward, a new format for online courses!

The scenario brought about by Covid-19 has reaffirmed the need to create new educational formats for online training. The digitalization of methodologies and content is now seen as one of the best options to continue academic studies from anywhere on the planet. 

IED has gone a step further, developing IED Forward, a new format to enable virtual study, adapted to the new needs. This project offers a range of introductory programmes to the creative process in design, using remote working tools and new methodologies to create a unique experience for students.

These new Design First courses are a great opportunity for all those creatives who want to venture into the world of design. Guided by a group of teachers and professionals in the sector, students will begin training in the different branches of design, giving them the opportunity to decide whether to make it their future profession.