International Scholarship Competition for master courses 22/23 (CLOSED)

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

International Scholarship Competition for master courses 22/23 (CLOSED)

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, “Aldo Galli “ Academy of Fine Arts and Kunsthal Centro Superior de Diseño SL offer 39 scholarships to support those young designers who want to attend a Master course in Italy or Spain* and boost their training path with a study experience abroad. The scholarship will cover 50% of the tuition fee!

To apply, students are asked to develop a project on the main topic Hybrid Innovation, following the given briefing. Deadline for projects submission: February 27th, 2022.

* Students residing in Italy can only apply for the scholarship for Master courses offered in Spain while students residing in Spain can only apply for Master Courses offered in Italy. All other international students can apply either for Master courses in Italy or Spain.

How to participate

– Read carefully Regulations and Briefing and arrange the required documents according to the “Concept features and format” (art. 4) and the “Required documents” (art. 5).

– Choose the course you want to apply for and register using the form on this page. Participation is subject to the registration.


– Participation is strictly reserved to Candidates who have reached 18 years at the moment of application, in possession of a bachelor degree or – equivalent qualification – or having a job experience in the relevant field.

– Candidates must show proficiency in the language of the course: the minimum required level is B2.

Main topic – Hybrid Innovation

Hybridization is a dynamic process that enables growth and innovation, from a status of given categories into a new status based on a fluid vision of transformation: a future of blurred borders and endless possibilities. The value of hybridization lies in the crossing of borders and in the creation of new categories, already destined to be overcome by the next hybrid. In order to produce innovation through the use of creativity, designers and artists hybridize disciplines, concepts, materials and shapes, as well as products, styles and epochs: the effect is something that derives from a known set, but was never seen before.As an example the category of Trap music is the hybridization of Rap music and Pop music and is already being contaminated by other categories and transforming into something new.

The great Masters of Design are men and women who – often through the process of hybridization – have left their mark in their reference disciplines, they are visionaries who have looked at reality with different eyes – they are transgressors of the past who continue to inspire generations of creatives and paved the way for a fluid present – where given categories are unstable – and a future where transdisciplinarity is the keyword.



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