International Design Day: Embrace uncertainty

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Collection: Serial Seeds

International Design Day: Embrace uncertainty

Today, 27 April, is International Design Day; a date promoted by Ico-D (International Council of Design) that aims to recognise the value of design and its capacity to transform the world, and to propose innovative solutions in pursuit of social well-being. 

‘Suspended in transition’ is the theme proposed for this year’s edition; a motto that encourages designers to embrace uncertainty as an arena from which to reflect, to step out of their comfort zones, and to explore alternative futures. 

This blurred place, full of contradictions, is also a good starting and meeting point from which to ask questions about design as a powerful tool that can be used to rethink everything from scratch.

IED Barcelona wanted to join this reflection with an action in the Patio of the school’s Point One building, carrying banners which they put together to create the word ‘Diseño’ — Spanish for ‘Design’.