Innovation powered by Design Thinking

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea | Management

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

Innovation powered by Design Thinking

What was the last gift you gave someone? How did you choose it? How did you present it? Wrapped up? Which wrapping paper did you choose?

These are the questions that inspired The Gift Giving Challenge organised by the Institute of Design of Stanford. The method has been applied by the coordinator of IED Barcelona’s Masters in Innovation Strategies & Entrepreneurship and founder of the DROP consultancy firm, Guido Charosky during a workshop on “Innovation Powered by Design Thinking” in Colombia.

The session involved doing a dynamic activity based on these first questions and using fast prototyping exercises to come up with ways of creating innovative solutions to improve the service users are offered at the start. The session was driven by the IED’s FITS School (Future Innovation Tailor-Made School) for a family support charity named Compensar, where sales, marketing and corporate wellbeing teams learned how to apply design thinking to innovation processes.

Guido Charosky delivered a workshop on 24 November in Bogota to share the work IED Barcelona, FITS and their partners are carrying out to provide vocational training programmes, knowledge-sharing sessions and tailored certifications in various fields linked to innovation.

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