Ingi Freyr Guðjónsson, winner of the Lille Design For Change 2015.

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Ingi Freyr Guðjónsson, winner of the Lille Design For Change 2015.

Ingi Freyr Guðjónsson, a student on the Undergraduate Degree in Product Design at IED Barcelona, has won third prize in the international competition Lille Design For Change 2015. Several students from the school worked for six months to propose solutions for the metropolitan area of the French city of Lille. IED Barcelona was the only institution from Spain among the seventeen taking part in the competition.

The winning project, created with the assistance of teachers Sagrado Nova and Sergio de la Parra, focuses on the city’s mobility needs and the influence of the weather on daily life.  Lil offers a modular electric transport system to transport people and heavy loads. Its aim is to create a new alternative for the community that works 15 to 20 km from the centre of the city.

It is an innovative solution that consists of compartmentalised folding structures to shelter the vehicles. It also fits the existing bicycle infrastructure and meets the legal requirements for motorcycles. Lil is intended to have the same features as a family car, with room for up to four people and a cloth cover in case of rain.

As the third prize winner, Ingi Freyr Guðjónsson will attend the prize giving event, where the possibility of prototyping the project will be evaluated.