#IEDBCNgoesVirtual: A new stage of challenges and innovation

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

#IEDBCNgoesVirtual: A new stage of challenges and innovation

This week, IED Barcelona has moved its academic life to virtual format thanks to IED Smart School, an initiative launched following the temporary suspension of face-to-face educational activity decreed by the Government of Catalonia in a bid to halt the spread of Covid-19. 

The IED community is thus dealing with a new phase of challenges, adaptation and innovation, integrating this new format with agility, and providing students, teachers and staff with the tools necessary for their development.

“The current scenario marks a turning point in many areas and, specifically in the academic field, it puts on the table the need to adapt the methodology to a context that constantly incorporates the physical and digital elements”, explains Director General of IED Barcelona and CEO of IED Spain, Alessandro Manetti.

 “The responsibility of educational institutions, from primary school onwards, is the generation of knowledge that can really be useful when it comes to understanding and managing new scenarios”, he adds.

In this sense, “we must also understand this moment to generate a great reflection about our lifestyles at a global scale, given that, in addition to a health crisis, we are living a crisis of the current model.”

The economic, political and social spheres are going through a time of profound transformation and, here, design professionals play a key role in the development of solutions that address the challenges of this new period through innovation. 

IED Smart School aims to guarantee that future creatives continue their training in the different disciplines of design thanks to the methodology and learning tools developed by IED.