IED wins four ADG LAUS awards

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi


IED wins four ADG LAUS awards

IED Barcelona took 4 prizes at the latest ADG LAUS awards, which were held on Friday 8 June at the Barcelona Design Museum. The “Audisia’s Voyage” videomap created by a team of students and alumni from the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design and Fashion Design has been awarded a silver LAUS award. The project, which was presented during the first edition of VIVA!  Valle D’Itra International Music Festival, is an experimental and alternative interpretation of the magical dimension of Locorotondo, the Italian commune where the project was carried out in August 2017.

Two former students from the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design, Olga Pipnik and Sara Ozvaldic, have been rewarded with a Bronze LAUS for their final projects, while a year-three student from the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design, Debi Hasky, also received a Bronze LAUS in the freestyle work category for her Grafito graphic design project. 


El viaje de Audisia – SILVER LAUS – Student category: Freestyle Audiovisual Work

An experimental and alternative view of the magical dimension of Locorotondo, where the VIVA! festival was held, as seen through the eyes and mind of a new argonaut: Audisia is an icon of Europe’s young nomad generation and of the major electronic music festivals. A tribute to the past, present and future traditions of this rich territory, paid from a creative viewpoint that leads to an arguably unconventional result.

Students and alumni: Kateryna Lazareva, Tom Swissa, Alejandra Segón, Alexey Kurbatov, Jili Jennerjahn, David Fiene, Cameron Harnish, Nikita Mishin, Julia Sobrón, Adriana Argemí, Nina Sibiratkina, Luiza Lacava and Danae Fischer

Coordinated by: Alessandro Manetti

Supervised by Pablo Rausell, Lucas Elliot, Alex Beltran and Susana Hernández.


Grafito by Deborah Hasky – BRONZE LAUS – Student category: Freestyle Graphic Design Work

Grafito is a visual identity created by this student as a space in which to display sketches and drawings by artists in different multidisciplinary fields. Stemming from the conceptual basis of the creative process, her logotype evokes unfinished art, highlighting the idea of what goes on between the start and end of that creative process. A simple typography, collage layout and delicate colour palette combine with texturised materials and hand binding to create a profound graphic language where each element explains a different aspect of the bigger picture. 


Feat by Olga Pipnik – BRONZE LAUS – Student category: Graphic Design Degree Final Project

FEAT, which refers to the concept of collaboration, is the name of a gastronomic magazine that provides a unique view of the foody world through the eyes of a chef writing as a guest publisher. Seen from this special collaborator’s perspective, each edition explores the approach of contemporary culture, the way the ingredients are collected and his sources of culinary inspiration. The initiative reflects different worlds thanks to design and graphic solutions, affording every edition a personality of its own.


Public Menu by Sara Ozvaldic BRONZE LAUS – Student category: Graphic Design Degree Final Project

Public Menu is a magazine that explores the relationship between food and public spaces. Our traditions, history, icons and the foods we eat all change depending on location. Based on this, the initiative delves into the reality of people and places through photographic reports, interviews and research articles. Every number of the magazine discovers a specific space and uses a different tone. As an added bonus, the creator has designed a picnic set with all the accessories to go with the magazine and allow the reader to enjoy gastronomy in public spaces.