IED students winners of the ADI-FAD Awards silver medal

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

IED students winners of the ADI-FAD Awards silver medal

The ex students of Interior Design, Jordi Gaspar and Manon Berlioz, and Product Design, Gabriel Rodríguez, are the winners of the ADI-FAD Awards silver medal thanks to Meetube thesis project.  The design was created for the rest area of the music festival Primavera Sound in Barcelona 2013. It consisted in seats of corrugated tube ,material characterized as little usual, very flexible, durable and low cost, allowing you to adapt the human body to its ergonomics innovative and appropriate to the physiognomy of the muscles.

The project was also winner of the Best Design Thesis IED 2013.

ADI-FAD Barcelona organizes the Delta Awards with the aim of highlighting the value of design and its importance in the economy and society.  It intends to promote recognition of products that stand out for their innovative, social, technological and environmental character.