IED students design a project for the fair HOSTELCO

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo


IED students design a project for the fair HOSTELCO

The students of the Master in Design Management,  Alejandra Chiriboga, Amanda Quiambao, Arjun Raja, Brian Burgess, Carmo SaraivaRequejo, Dana El Halabi, Inés Roggero, Pamela Kaikati and Paula Pineda have developed as a master project a proposal for the HOSTELCO fair, which took place in Barcelona from 20th to 23th of October.

The goal of the project is how to communicate innovation in order to get a positive feedback with the visitors. To do this, they have created a tunnel with screens for the HOSTELCO entrance which includes a serie of video projections with information about the fair. 

They have also designed a system of wireless assistance where hostesses with skates solve the doubts of visitors and record their opinions. These videos are then projected on the screens of the tunnel.