Fashion and design are moving towards a more creative and sustainable model; one of the great challenges facing the industry. The European Union wanted to be a part of driving this change, and has launched a range of projects involving major companies from the sector, in a bid to create a more responsible business fabric.

IED, as a flagship education institution in design and fashion, always at the forefront of initiatives linked to innovation and development in those areas in which it works, has joined this challenge, taking on the role of leader of the European CircularInnoBooster Fashion & Textiles (F&T) project. This new venture was created with the purpose of transforming companies in the industry so that they can adapt to regenerative, circular and sustainable processes. 

IED will head the consortium that includes TEXFOR, The Circular Project, CIRCULAB and HumanNation, which works on collaborative and cooperative circular co-design aimed at innovative self-employed professionals, startups and SMEs looking to transform their businesses.

Within the framework of this project, which is already underway and will run until December 2022, the consortium will launch an open call to select a total of 30 European companies to present their ideas for innovation and development in sustainable fashion and the circular economy. The best proposals, selected by an expert jury, will receive funding of €12,000 to develop their projects and a support network composed of major companies in the industry to facilitate knowledge sharing.

With a progressive and pioneering approach, the CircularInnoBooster project is underpinned by the circular economy, based on entrepreneurial design principles, human-centred, and includes community participation models. The objective is to apply the concept of Circularity in all its dimensions: environmental, social and economic, in a balanced manner.

Further, due to its European character, the project takes a transnational outlook, allowing for cooperation among companies and organisations from different countries in a bid to foster the transfer of knowledge and best practices in sustainable fashion and textiles.

Circular design to achieve sustainable models

With CircularInnoBooster, IED and the entities with which it collaborates will implement the CircCoAX programme (Collaborative and cooperative circular co-design accelerator for SMEs).

Together with leading partners and expert mentors, these companies will be able to develop a business support scheme, covering the entire value chain: from raw materials to final products; technical and financial support; and the scaling-up of applications, products and processes; to new business models and branding strategies.

A space for innovation and development

IED is tackling this project from its innovation laboratory: the IED Innovation Lab. A workspace designed to support and drive companies and institutions to implement transformation processes in future scenarios, and to adopt the evolution they need in order to be competitive in new markets.

A global, cosmopolitan, active, open, inclusive and flexible structure that aims to respond to the current challenges faced by companies, institutions and individuals by focusing on the interaction of design with other disciplines. To this end, it employs its own methodologies and formats in a sustainable project, with a strong social and environmental commitment.