IED joins Re-FREAM

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Project: Seat Mergo

IED joins Re-FREAM

Following its strategic participation in the Worth Partnership Project (funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union), IED has taken on a vital role in a new initiative belonging to the European Commission’s most prestigious research and innovation funding category, Horizon 20/20. 

The Re-FREAM Project aims to unite the worlds of Art and Technology in order to provoke innovative, art-driven projects that integrate new sustainable processes, materials and solutions for improving current fashion-production systems in urban environments. 

Isabel Berz, head of IED Rec, will present Re-FREAM within the STARTS DAYS, in collaboration with the European Union, at the renowned Ars Electronica Festival on September 6th.  

Over two open calls in three years, twenty awarded artists will work together with technologists on their concepts in a Co-Creation Process while receiving professional support in tech hubs in Linz, Valencia and Berlin.

IED REC, the Research and Education Center at IED Madrid, was assigned the task of developing an Co-Research and Co-Creation training methodology to be implemented in the hubs that provides guidelines and tools to enable effective collaborations between these two disparate worlds. Here, both artistic and scientific criteria will be decodified and evaluated to guarantee an Art-Tech Balance in the prototypes, in addition to other considerations, like sustainability.

Within this innovative dimension of equality, the artists will re-envision their projects together with technologists. The outcome of this new relationship will result in the the creation of hybrid languages, processes and know-how that will produce the shared value necessary to rethink the codes and systems of the traditional fashion sector.

Isabel Berz, Head of IED REC and one of the Jury members commented after the final decision: “Re-FREAM offers the perfect scenery to bring out art-driven innovation with an emphasis on Fashion. The ten selected artists express the ideas and dreams of a new generation of creatives, where beauty blends with sensibility and function, and our clothes become more adaptable, smart, and sustainable. Their inspiring visions create a magical balance between Art and Technology and opens up new horizons for the fashion industry.”  

On September 6, 2019, within the STARTS DAYS of the Ars Electronica Festival, Isabel Berz will present the Re-FREAM Project and participate in a roundtable with other stakeholders from European initiatives to share their perspectives on current and future developments in the fashion industry in three discussion sessions: Responsive Fashion, Future Materials and the Fashion Production System.