IED designs smart fashion for The Zero Gravity Band

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi


IED designs smart fashion for The Zero Gravity Band

Fashion designers from IED Barcelona have developed smart dresses to be worn in zero‑gravity environments for the The Zero-Gravity Band (TZGB) project, to be presented by the Quo Artis Foundation at Sónar +D 2018. Denise Graus, Toni Sobrino and Masha Novikova, former students from the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design and the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design, were entrusted to carry out the project, guided by Francesc Grau and Tatiana de la Fuente as their tutors.

The Zero-Gravity Band is an artistic-scientific project produced by the Quo Artis Foundation that invites people to reflect on what artistic production and aesthetic perception would be like beyond planet Earth, especially in terms of its cultural and artistic implications. Sónar +D is the chosen event to present this inversive installation of light and sound that recreates a zero‑gravity environment inside a dome measuring 11 metres wide, hosted by Eurecat with its unrivalled 360º sound conditions.

The project was masterminded by artists Albert Barqué-Duran, PhD, a researcher and artist at City, University of London, and Marc Marzenit, a musician, composer and music producer. The idea stemmed from recent research work carried out by Elisa R. Ferrè, PhD, director of the VeME Lab (Vestibular Multisensory Embodiment Lab at the Royal Holloway University of London), exploring the way humans perceive and experience aesthetics in micro‑gravity conditions. The project has been made possible thanks to collaborative work between researchers and artists from science and technology centres in Germany, Catalonia, the USA and the UK.