IED design and roses for a Sant Jordi characterised by solidarity

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

IED design and roses for a Sant Jordi characterised by solidarity

Design goes far beyond design itself; it is a powerful tool for social improvement, and the promotion of values such as sustainability, inclusion and solidarity. 

Taking this philosophy — which is based on the same foundations as IED Barcelona’s project — as a starting point, the members of our community have though about a special way  to celebrate the next Day of Sant Jordi

In collaboration with Aste Barcelona, a total of 88 roses accompanied by prints designed by students across the school’s different disciplines have been delivered to senior citizens in three care homes in the district of Gracia

In line with the work of this association, which promotes volunteer projects among young people, this initiative has made it possible to bring together different generations in an exchange marked by creativity, empathy and a commitment to people and our surroundings. 

This action is part of IED Barcelona’s IED Social project, which aims to extend the scope of student’s activity beyond the campus, in a bid to generate a positive social impact through design within the area, and across the city of Barcelona as a whole.