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Project: La Violeta



Four students from the IED Barcelona Advanced School of Design have won awards in the 46th edition of the Laus ADG Awards, which recognise excellence in graphic design and visual communication. The projects by Santiago Restrepo, Kateryna Lazareva, Sara Ozvaldic and the team made up of Adra Kandil, Ann Hudayarova and Isabella Rood won gold, bronze and two silver awards, respectively.

“This recognition fills the IED Visual Communication team with pride as it trains professionals to develop the strategic, creative and artistic aspects of graphical and audiovisual communication into real-life projects in cooperation with important, well-known companies. Our aim is to present the students with challenges that require them to develop innovative, creative designs with a strong social element,” explained Rory Lambert, development director of the Visual Communication department.

In the category Student – Free Choice Project in Graphic Design, a student in the second year of the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, Santiago Restrepo, was awarded a gold Laus Award for his project, Bonet, which consists of six posters commemorating the work of architect Antonio Bonet in Barcelona.

In the same category, the team made up of Adra Kandil, a student on the IED Diploma in Creative Advertising and Branding, and the students on the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, Ann Hudayarova and Isabella Rood, received a Silver Award for their design on female genital mutilation. Sara Ozvaldic, a fourth-year student of the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, also received a Laus Silver Award in the same category for her project, What the Druk?!, a design for a visual identity for a fictitious political party.

A former student on the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, Kateryna Lazareva won a Bronze Award for her project Síntesi, in the category of Student – End of Degree Project in Graphic Design. Her design offers the branding, packaging, website and graphic communication for a possible natural cosmetics firm, inspired by the ideals of beauty of Ancient Greece.

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