IED Barcelona students design products with reused fishing nets

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

IED Barcelona students design products with reused fishing nets

IED Barcelona students have designed products that consider new uses and applications of fishing nets. The second year Undergraduate Degrees students of different areas of the School (Design, Fashion, Management and Visual Communication) have worked together in multidisciplinary teams to create proposals that adapt to user’s current needs and also have a social, economic impact and environmental beneficial to society

A sunglass, caps for reusable glass bottles in winery, a lamp inspired by a jellyfish for restaurants and hotels, pieces of furniture, a bicycle helmet or a surfboard are some of the products proposed to extend the fishing nets’s life cycle. 

Students have experimented with synthetic materials which are made by networks to become part of the production cycle as raw materials: an example of circular economy as opposed to the philosophy of producing and throwaway. 

This project is a collaboration of IED Barcelona with the Waste Agency of Catalonia, who is leading an initiative for the correct management of fishing nets at ports of Catalonia. Besides creating problems for the fishing industry, the “ghost nets” are a serious problem for the marine ecosystem, as some animals mistake them for food and eat.