IED Barcelona designs the campaign for World Refugee Day

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Collection: Serial Seeds


IED Barcelona designs the campaign for World Refugee Day

Students from IED Barcelona Advance School of Design have designed a visual communication campaign for World Refugee Day, which will take place on Tuesday 20 June in Barcelona. The City Council, in conjunction with refugee organisations and the Regional Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya), briefed the students of the IED Barcelona Visual Communication department at the beginning of the year on the creation of a campaign to publicise the situation of millions of refugees.

The proposal entitled “Stories make the heart bigger” by Gudmundur Hilmar Tommasson and Artem Nikolaev, which forms part of the final project of students on the Diploma in Creative Advertising and Branding and the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, was chosen as the visual identity of the event promoted by Ciutat Refugi, an initiative by the Barcelona City Council to welcome and aid refugees. 

The winning campaign emphasises the power of storytelling. “The last time I read a book, I got arrested,” were the words of Aaron, a refugee. The authors took this quote and displayed it as if printed on the cover of a book. Using this technique, they sought to bring storytelling closer and create a connection with the daily routine of the public.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and understanding among the population of Barcelona, and to increase traffic to the Ciutat Refugi web site. “Stories make the heart bigger” can be seen on the streets of Barcelona on 20 June.