IED Barcelona collaborates with Doctors without Borders to design solutions for the mobility problems in Congo

A team of students from the Undergraduate Degree in Product Design collaborated with Doctors without Borders to find solutions for the mobility problems in Congo.

The population of the rural areas of the country has a lot of difficulties to access at the closest health care centers when they are in an emergency situation because of the absence of paved roads. The association challenged the students to design products that might resolve the mobility issues and that can also be manufactured with local materials. At the same time, they proposed them an alternative project: to design a lighting system for the latrines in Numbi’s hospital.

Alongside with teachers and with the help of some African vegetation specialists, doctors and alpine rescuers, the students analyzed the needs of the Congo’s population achieving some surprising results from miles away. Structures that allow transporting by walk injured people, backpacks to carry wounded, and a multifunctional kit that helps you to build a stretcher or to cross rivers, are some of the proposals from the students.

You can see all the projects in this gallery.   

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